To secure a booking a deposit is required. Payment is to be made directly to BSF Detailing via bank transfer.

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Deposit amount differs depending on the package you have chosen.

If BSF Detailing has to cancel or rearrange your booking due to an unfortunate incident, it will be within 14 days of the original booking. If not, a full refund will be honoured.

All prices are based on the vehicle being in average condition.

If your interior is heavily soiled in mould, blood, vomit, pet hair or any other, additional charges will apply. We advise if you have any of the above to send a few pictures before booking so that we can provide a fair and accurate estimate.

If not the price will be negotiated upon the day before any of the work is carried out.

Due to insurance purposes, we are unable to work on your vehicle on heavily used roads or pay and display car parks.

Any bookings made, that are affected by the terms above or cannot be completed due to the above terms, may result in the full booking charge being payable.

Upon every booking you will be asked to read the terms and conditions, with doing so you agree to the terms of business.

Any bookings that are made but then affected by any of the above may result in full booking charges being payable.

An invoice will be sent to the email address that is supplied upon booking.