Single stage enhancement


Single stage enhancement

Firstly, the vehicle is washed and decontaminated. It is then taken inside and dried safely. Once inside it is then wiped down in preparation for machine polishing.

Next, we go through various combinations of pads and compounds to find the one that gets the best result for your vehicle.

This package is designed to make massive improvements within the time it is with us, brightening up your pride and joy.

To finish off, a hard wax is applied to protect the vehicle. Ceramic coating can be added at an additional cost.

Please note: Interiors are not included in this price. While it’s with us, we are open to doing an interior deep clean at a discounted rate, seeing as the car is with us for some time.

This package is aimed at vehicle that have light paint swirls commonly caused by cheap car washes or in correct wash procedures.

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